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This poetry book came from a place of deep depression. During Guinevere Yoseyva’s second year living in Chicago, they began to allow themselves to create without judgment. Being full of angst and emotionally closed off growing up, this was an incredible step towards release and emotional growth. Through this, and through following their intuitive guides, they began to compose a collection of poetry as a method of emotional processing. Writing this book gave them the strength to process their pent-up emotional blockages, and release them onto the page. This book undeniably helped them work with and through this stage of “suffering”, and they hope it will help you, too, feel less alone.

The title, do you suffer, came from a desire to not be alone in this emotional state. It is a call to the universe, screaming, “do you feel the way I do or am I alone in this world?” By releasing this expression, Yoseyva hopes to help you work through whatever you suffer through, simply by letting you know that you aren’t alone.

Each book is hand-bound using the “perfect binding” technique and is made to order. Yoseyva learned this technique during their last year in college in Chicago and it has become an all-important extension of their practice. Hand-crafting this book is another extension of the healing process. Touching and giving life to each page cultivates a meditative process of cutting and gluing, which they love so dearly. Through this, each book is especially juiced up with potent healing energy, from their hands to yours.

Use this book with care and meditative thought. Allow yourself to feel and examine any emotions that come up while reading it and allow yourself to feel, process, and move through it, setting positive affirmations for yourself as we all deserve divine love!

You can purchase this poetry book on this website, here!

Hand-Bound Poetry Book by Guinevere B.N. Yoseyva from 2019
52 Pages
Edition of 75